Smart Energy and Power Management

Versaflex Energy and Power Management systems are the industry’s most comprehensive energy and power management solution, offering a complete range of products to help you achieve your energy efficiency, reliability and cost saving goals.


Our systems’ proven solutions are designed by power system experts and backed by engineering and technical support services that are second to none, with products that are ideal for businesses of all sizes and types, including:

  • Industrial
    • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Buildings
    • Government, Universities, Commercial and Retail
  • Infrastructure
    • Water and Wastewater, Data Centers, Hospitals, Transportation and Telecom
  • Marine and Oil/gas Fields
    • Rigs, Vessels, Barges, etc.

Versaflex Smart Energy solutions are poised in achieving two main goals; make your building environmental friendly and drop you energy demand by at least 35%. That means more money in your pocket.


Our solution range from a;

  • Complete off-grid solar solution
  • Hybrid solar and power solution  
  • Building energy management
  • Complete lighting design and implementation with energy efficient LED lighting
  • Central modular UPS and Inverter system
  • Generator Synchronization.

Versaflex Smart energy solutions are very scalable, hence you can start small today and scale it up as your business and needs grow without painstaking reengineering and scraping.