Our People

We are close-knit organized team that consists of drive, dynamic and talented achievers. Among us are professionals in security system, systems integration, project management, Information Communication Technology with strong engineering background.


We always press on developing innovating solutions and learning new technologies. We can implement the most advanced technological solutions to any challenge as well as develop new ones. The result is very important for us. We prefer challenging tasks that give us the opportunity to work on the edge of our capabilities stretching possibilities. We cope with customers’ order in the earliest possible date.


We work to make our customers feel comfortable and happy carrying out their business tasks at the most cost effective rate.


Safety Commitments
Versaflex Safety Commitments


“Versaflex is committed to providing the best quality services to its customers. Our company use strict internet quality control and management procedures to monitor the quality of the services delivered to our customers.

In addition, our company aims to further control services quality with initiation of a companywide ISO 9001 (2000) in due course.”