Automation System

  • Smart Home Automation
  • Entrance automation (Gates, Doors, Windows etc)
  • Marine Automation

Smart Home Automation

Home automation is the latest technology installed in houses and buildings to control the lighting, blinds and air conditioning for the purposes of comfort and energy saving. The system, among other possibilities, can control multi room sound systems and video in an intelligent way from the comfort of your sofa. Versaflex Smart Home Automation is able to realize working solutions to customer requirements.

Our main activities are:

  • Applications in home control ranging from lighting, dimming and blinds and shutters controls
  • Integration with air conditioners and floor heating systems to control temperature in real time
  • Scene saving from a simple wall push button without the need of a touch screen
  • Integration with your Galaxy, iPad, iPod, iPhone and Android OS devices to control all the building
  • Monitoring of your house through internet from anywhere in the world
  • Energy metering and remote management
  • Integration to multi-room audio and video systems to be controlled from a centralized location such as iPad
  • Integration with the alarm and CCTV system

Entrance automation

Your entrance is like your complimentary card; give your guest a VIP welcome with Versaflex Entrance automation. At Versaflex we provide your homes and offices with that elegant automated and secured entrance that gives your business the pose that generate confidence and friendliness.


Our Entrance automation options include:

  • Motorized Gates (sliding and swing)
  • Motorized doors and Windows (sliding and swing)
  • Glass turnstiles
  • Motorized garage doors
  • Motorized curtains, etc.


Marine automation

It’s a long way from home; in this prestigious sector Versaflex automation is continuously up-to-date with the latest technology to offer you quality and comfort not to feel the time and distance away from home.

Our activities in this area include:

  • Controlling and monitoring of generators, ventilation system, fuel system, tank levels, engines etc
  • SCADA  systems to visualize, set, log and control every item on the vessel                                              
  • Lighting and blind control with scenes from a touch screen or your mobile device             
  • Multiroom video and audio system; which can also work as a Public Address (PA) System
  • Integration with propeller control and autopilot.