Versaflex is a one-stop technology company, where we use our broad knowledge on technology and Business Process to create lasting solution to your; energy management, security system, communication and smart automation challenges. We turn your challenges to opportunities and smiles, and we stand side by side you to make sure you remain fresh at the top of your business.


At Versaflex Technologies, we are passionate about solving business and convenience needs with technology and uncovering new ways to add values to technology and security solutions.


We offer a wide range of technology services.

  • We deliver IP technology based and security projects with automation options
  • We recover projects that are in technical difficulty and make them successful.
  • We deliver custom end-to-end solutions that integrate different technology partners.
  • We also offer our integration and development expertise to in-house technology services or third-party vendors.
  • We support and maintain custom technology and security solutions
Safety Commitments


“Versaflex is committed to providing the best quality services to its customers. Our company use strict internet quality control and management procedures to monitor the quality of the services delivered to our customers.


In addition, our company aims to further control services quality with initiation of a companywide ISO 9001 (2000) in due course.”